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      We sometimes give our children coupons as rewards when we can’t afford

      money. There is even a free website where you can print them ( I

      think it was DLTK or something like that) We have come up with

      many “different” ideas such as “Day off from chores (they love that

      one), Extra hours up at night, Picking a special treat when we do

      grocery shopping, 5 min. Back rub, making favorite meal (they pick as

      long as it isn’t Lobster, LOL!, spending time playing a board game with

      Mom & Dad, Extra hour of video games, bike rides with Mom & Dad, wild

      coupon is they get to pick which coupon they want, etc.” It’s funny

      because I often see that what they pick is time with Mom or Dad (even

      sometimes now that they are older they still like it, just not in front

      of the “friends” LoL!) It is harder when they get older because a lot

      of their friends will have cash on them and when they see that it will

      be hard. I would just explain it as best as you can to them and tell

      them it is temporary.

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