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      — On Thu, 7/3/08, Sally Vanwinkle wrote:

      From: Sally Vanwinkle
      Subject: Re: : allowance question
      Date: Thursday, July 3, 2008, 2:51 pm

      my kids there are 4 of them including my niecewho isn’t a child but acts like one most of the time and myself who do the household chores. I have a white board calendar up with five chores and they rotate each day, we have told them that we would give them allowance if they did the rooms (right the first time) and their daily chores if we didn’t have to remind them. I also put up a chart in all areas of how I expected things to be done.

      So they have a choice they can do it without being told (and they have no excuses to say they didn’t know) or they can wait to be told. I think the most in a year that we have given in allowances is $20.00, because the choose to be lazy and play the games and stuff before they do their chores. So until they get wise and do stuff on their own, they have to go find spending money somewhere else, cause I
      don’t get spending money for me and I do my chores everyday.

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      from: nauticalnana
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      Sent: Thursday, July 3, 2008 3:19:55 PM
      Subject: : allowance question

      times are really hard here and i can no longer afford to give my children their small allowance. we have been giving them each .71 per day, if chores were not done they lost that days allowance. i need some ideas on how to reward them for their jobs well done.

      btw, they dont get paid for everything they do, they know that most jobs are to help the family live comfortably. they get allowance for their personal chores like keeping their room clean, putting their laundry away, etc. they are boys ages 13 and 10.

      video games, tv, and computer time wont really work i think, because they are limited on time to do these things.
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