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      For later….
      When school starts again, I give my son an allowance equal to what it costs him to buy his lunches at school. Then he can either choose to buy his lunch or make it and save his $$$(and I have sandwich fixings at home). He generally chooses to buy lunches, and doesn’t always spen his $$$.

      And in the past he has given his friends some $$$, and learned the hard way, it won’t get replaced when he does that .

      As far as now is concerned, can you post amounts per job on a whiteboard on your fridge and whichever kid does the job, gets ‘paid’.

      They get paid less for a job not well done.

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      From: nauticalnana
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      Subject: : allowance question

      times are really hard here and i can no longer afford to give my children their small allowance.

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