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      This sounds like a great system. My kids are a little older and their allowances aren't very big either but once they hit pre-teen years, we transfer a certain portion of our budget each year for them to manage ie. One year they get the amount we typically allocate them for gifts and they are responsible for all their gift giving (with our oversight of course), the next year they get their clothing budget, etc.

      Our plan is to have them actually manage our household budget for us in their junior or senior year to give them an accurate picture of what it's like to have a budget and manage living expenses, etc before they head out of the house. We'll see how it works…

      On Sat, Jul 5, 2008 at 9:37 AM, Stephanie Dark <> wrote:

      My kids are 6 & 9. I don't give them an allowance for doing basic

      chores around the house that is expected of them. However, now that

      they are on vacation and don't have homework, while I have increased

      the amount of daily chores expected of them, I have instituted two

      rewards: For doing the basics, they get to have their screen time the

      next day (they choose 30 mins of TV, computer game, or video game);

      for anything I deem above and beyond the basics they get a “bonus

      ticket” that will go towards a larger reward closer to the end of


      Val Coulman

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