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      i saw a post here for a great deal at this website. i looked at this website when it first opened up for biz. it was not such a great deal then due to the shipping cost IMO.

      however, now it seems rhat may have changed.
      have any of you tried buying from there? and if so are they great at deals? what kind and how does the shipping off set the cost?

      just wondering
      thank you


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      i thought i would let everyone know. ironically i was reading in a magazine last night i think good housekeeping, womens day or better homes.

      the mag did an article on and nowthey charge no shipping like amazon.

      i am sending this shoot out cause sam’s clubs are closing and this website syas they do coupons with no shipping i thought it might be good info to know if you llive in an area like i do with only sam’s and no other warehouse when it closes there will be no other store like it here.

      fyi info


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