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      Aldi’s is great for veggies, general baking needs, pasta,
      plastic/foil, dairy, eggs and fruit. They don’t have a wide variety
      though. Like in “rice-a-roni” they only carry beef and chicken.

      chips/snack foods aren’t the best but they are okay. Ramen noodles
      are cheap. As are canned veggies.

      The canned soups are okay too.
      We don’t like the toothbrushes but do get our vitamins and “Tums”
      there. The laundry stuff is okay. Scoopable kitty litter didn’t
      seem to clump very well.

      Pop is okay but not our first choice.
      Frozen chicken breast are pretty good but watch out for freezer
      burn. My sister buys tons of the ice cream sandwich bars and
      drumsticks. Oh and according to the manager at ours the can pasta
      like ravioli is made by Chef Boyardee, the coffee by Folgers and the
      better spaghetti sauce by Prego (overruns with the store brand

      Though I am not so sure I believe that about Prego. They
      don’t really offer much low-fat stuff and don’t get too carried away
      with the high carb that they tend to offer a lot of.

      Basically we get the staples there and the other stuff at a regular
      grocery store.


      — In, “shamel dandal”
      > what all do they carry? have you bought anything from there (i.e.
      dish soap, laundry detergent, etc) that did not work as well?
      please give me all your hints and experience with aldi!

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