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      We shop at Aldis for the majority of our basic groceries. I shop at

      Super Target when they have items that are both on sale and there is

      a super target coupon/ and hopefully manufacters coupon. We also shop

      at Hy-Vee (midwest store) for their store specials. I have been an

      Aldis shopper for 7 years, their prices have gotten higher. Save-A-

      Lot has prices slightly lower than Aldi’s. They mainly have generic

      food and I do not know if they accept coupons or not.


      In, Maja Drouin wrote:


      > Hello,


      > I was just wondering, we grocery shopped at Aldi yesterday for

      $150 and got alot of food – hoping it can last us for a month??!! we

      are a family of 3 – 2 adults and a 13 yr old boy. Has anybody that

      also grocery shop at Aldi compared the grocery bills for Aldi vs

      Target or Cub ? I am a coupon mom but Aldi doesnt accept them – and

      we always buy generic brands vs brand name brands when ever its

      possible. I was just wondering if Aldi is actually cheaper than

      Target and/or Cub? I know our local tv news station a few years back

      did a comparrison for grocery shopping at Target vs Cub, and Target

      turned out to be cheaper than Cub, just wondering if that is still

      like that.


      > I would like to know what anybody else think of this subject.



      > Maja Drouin

      > Farmington, MN

      > 651-463-4872

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