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      Just an FYI- my hubby recently built a “mister system” for our air conditioning unit. He used pvc pipe and mister nozzles. It sprays cold mist on our air conditioning unit. After two days I’d swear it takes less time to cool the house and the unit doesn’t run as much. I’m hoping to see a drop in our electric bill. We only have the water turned on during the day when we are home and it might use about 1 gallon per hour! I think there are even companies that sell such a contraption but It’s dirt cheap to make your own….

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      Could you take pictures of your system? or maybe directions on how you made this….sounds like something that I should try 🙂

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      I’m wondering, have you noticed any mold growing around your system since you started doing this? A few days ago, after we’d had several storms over several days time, I noticed mold started growing in our A/C around the vents. I had to tear it all apart and scrub the crap out of it.

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      hello to you,have u concidered using conditioning tablets for the mold and to original poster try to make your waste water reusable but also keep in mind that elements such as water slowly deteriates aluminum wich are the fins on the outside of the unit.basically it wont last as long as a unit that deals with normal wear and tear.however it does work.air is pulled in the condensor to cool the freeon inside the heat is the heat coming out of the area trying to be pulled so yes the water does help the unit cool the freeon.other than the wear and tear from the excess could make a contraction that catches the waste water and pump it back to a mister.use conditioner tablets to keep the wayer fresh from mold and mildew.being a mister a small pump should do the trick and now save money on water and electricity.but great job on your an hvac tech so heed when i coment about the wear and tear be ready to replace that unit in five years unless it still has the black coating on the outside condensor fins.then it would take a good 15 years.anyway have a great day.

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Stuff I’d Like to See General Air conditoning boost