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      before this I kept it at 71 and would bring down to 70. We have a programable Thermostat but I never knew how to work my ex husband was hvac tech and i wasnt allowed to touch it cause i like to feel the airflow. i dont like stagnet air…lol

      my new system has a new thermostat and i can actually work it…yah!

      Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 08:09:09 -0500
      Subject: Re: : Air Conditioner

      At 09:54 PM 7/23/2008, you wrote:
      >Wow I would freeze at 74!!! I live in the Dallas area and it is hot
      >hot hot, i keep our ac at 83 during the day (I’m the only one home
      >at that time – DH is very hot natured) and 76 at night. Do you have
      >a programmable thermostat to raise the temp while you are not home,
      >this has saved us a lot of money.
      I, too, would freeze at 74.

      In fact, I have the windows open right
      now, with the outside temp of 77. Normally the AC does not come on
      until the temp reaches near 90 if it’s just the cats and me, and if
      it’s not too humid. I work in a hot environment and I’m used to the

      For those that want to raise the thermostat, you don’t
      have to do it all at once. Just go up a few degrees until your
      family gets used to it, then a week or so later, add a few more
      degrees. The same idea works when you lower it for winter

      After all, nature usually does a gradual change, why
      should we not use the same idea?

      Ann in Arkansas

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