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      wow..I complained about 2 weeks…I couldnt do it. I could not sleep. Of course

      we didnt go out and buy fans etc because we knew it woudl only be 2 weeks and I

      didnt want to spend the money for a short period but we did run all 5 ceiling

      fans and opened windows at night etc..but when it only drops to 85 at night and

      is 105 during the day it doesnt cool off. Thankfully the pool was nice and cool

      and I woudl get up in the middle of night unable to sleep and jump in the pool

      and go back to bed.

      We also went ahead and got a duct cleaning and sealant that we will get a $400

      rebate back from the PUD. This will help with our electricity bill also.

      I can scrimp on other stuff but not my comfort level. Thankfully I had been

      saving for new flooring and fridge. Just the week before we got quotes etc on

      costs. Glad we didnt go ahead and buy it already….back to square one on savng

      for my floors…I hate carpet!

      Subject: Re: : Re: Air Conditioner

      Our AC broke 3 summers ago… they want $5000 to replace it so we do not have

      one….. we have fans in all the windows and 1 little (it will not completely

      cool the room)

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