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      I have a hut tub and in the summer can i shut it down a couple days

      here and there esapecially when the temp is HOT over 85-90 without

      any bad affects on the water, or the heat element???

      It usre contributes to the high electric bill. Any help is great…

      — In, Tressa Watts



      > I am a big whiner and do not like to uncomfortable….well July

      3rd my Heat pump went out. Of course it is a long weekend but my ex

      husband is a hvac tech. he comes over checks it out…dead..not

      fixable..oh well actually compressor can be fixed for $3,000 or new

      system for $7000. Well we cannot do anything in the 100 degree

      weather until Monday as everythign was closed Friday the 4th. I

      finally get some quotes after 2 weeks (everyone was swamped) got my

      new heat pump installed after a miserable 2 weeks in the hottest

      part of summer….I have to admit….it wasnt so bad week 2.I was

      actually getting used to it. Work I was actually cold because we had

      the A/C so low. Now at home I am actually keeping my A/C at 74

      instead of 70 . plus i started hanging all our clothes on a clothes

      line since there was no way we using a dryer at 95 degrees in the

      house all ready!

      > I am so excited to see my electrical bill this month. We also by

      the info of people on this list stopped running our swimming pool

      24X7. (thought you had to..lOL) It amazes me how many things I

      thought I would die without and even if it was only a short time it

      wasnt as bad as I thought.

      > Now if I can quit boo hoo-ing about my new floor I cannot get

      because we had used all I had saved for a floor on the new heat


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