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      I can tell ya from experience, most of the time going to court on a ticket is a no win situation.

      2 scenarios. I was coming home, made a left hand turn, no light, me and 2 other people saw that NO ONE was coming, motorcycle came over the hill doing 100 mph+, t-boned me. Highway Patrol, took one look at the accident, discounted the eyewitness testimony, and wrote me a ticket for failure to yield. Went to court, affidavit from another party saying he did not see the motorcycle….I got to pay the fine w/no points.

      Hubby accident, gal went from the right hand turn lane into traffic, he was turning left on the road, she hit him, same ticket, same result in court.

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      Several years ago I was sitting at a stop sign & a police officer passed me. I turned left & he turned around & pulled me over. He asked why I did have my seatbelt on, I told him I did, he asked me again & I told him the say thing. He was getting really mad at me. But I wasn’t backing down. He told me no I didn’t & then he said my daughter didn’t have a seatbelt on either. He gave me a ticket for no seatbelt but he didn’t give me a ticket for my daughter (she had a seatbelt on) He was a big jerk. That was all he did, give people tickets for no seatbelt. I wasn’t about to pay for a ticket over something I didn’t do. I went to a no seatbelt class. They showed filmson wrecked car & told stories about people that didn’t wear a seatbelt. Guess who the instructor was???? The policeman that gave me the ticket. I would go to court.

      M F wrote:

      Yesterday I was stopped by a police officer for not wearing the seat belt. The mistake I made was to unclick the seat belt when he puled me over, I panicked. In all honesty I was wearing it but he gave me a ticket. I didn’t think I did anything wrong and forgot the seat belt law. I live in Illinois.

      He was following me and I didn’t notice him till he turned on the siren. He was upset and asked me why I didn’t stop when I sew him. I didn’t see him, I was looking for an Estate Sale and turning my head left and right, so he thought that I was ignoring him. I am short and was wearing a bulky coat that was unzipped. I think that for that reason he didn’t see me buckled when I went past him. I showed him how fast I can buckle up hoping he would see that I do use my seat belt.

      I can pay $55 or go to court. If I were to go to court do I stand a chance or will I have to pay the $55 plus court costs. If you know anything about this problem please give me your input.

      Thank you,

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      Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your homepage.

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