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      Well This is a different kind of court them you are thinking of. You go down to were it tells you to go and you just go up to the judge and tell her what happened and that person will decide weather you are at fault or not. I was in a car accident in 1997 and it was deemedmy fault as I was coming out of a parking lot and the other driver came over the hill doing at lest 35 in a 25. I was able to get my ticket lowered because I was sure that I was not 100% at fault. I was not against paying it but some told me to go in and tell them your side of the story as you see it and see if they will lower it and they did. All you can do is try, and I did not have to pay any court cost. Patti

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      Yesterday I was stopped by a police officer for not wearing the seat belt. The mistake I made was to unclick the seat belt when he puled me over, I panicked. In all honesty I was wearing it but he gave me a ticket. I didn’t think I did anything wrong and forgot the seat belt law. I live in Illinois.

      He was following me and I didn’t notice him till he turned on the siren. He was upset and asked me why I didn’t stop when I sew him. I didn’t see him, I was looking for an Estate Sale and turning my head left and right, so he thought that I was ignoring him. I am short and was wearing a bulky coat that was unzipped. I think that for that reason he didn’t see me buckled when I went past him. I showed him how fast I can buckle up hoping he would see that I do use my seat belt.

      I can pay $55 or go to court. If I were to go to court do I stand a chance or will I have to pay the $55
      plus court costs. If you know anything about this problem please give me your input.

      Thank you,

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Advoce on a no seat belt ticket