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      I agree with you….when we lived in Fla….my friend was pulled over for

      going too slow….the speed limit was 45…and she was doing it and she

      got a ticket!! We went to court and she didn’t have to pay it, but the

      officer tried to tell the judge that we were holding up traffic and

      gonna cause an accident. I was sooo mad..the jugde ruled for my

      friend..but I still feel the same about all law enforcement in fla..We

      were in the Ocala area…and I don’t miss it at all!!


      On 12/3/2007, “Thomas & Tracy Harris” <> wrote:

      >actually, when said motorcycle is travelling 120mph or better, it’s not

      automatically your fault. He was NOT there when I started my turn, and came

      over the top of the hill at a minimum of 120 or so. And I did look at least

      twice, if not 3 times. There are no hard and fast rules. I know of several

      cases where a person rear ended someone and it turned out to be the person being

      hit’s fault. In my situation, I had at least 2 former law enforcement

      officers tell me it was NOT my fault.


      >And as for the cop trying to make the streets safer, that’s a crock of sh*t.

      Highway patrol here in Florida do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to make the streets safer.

      They want to write seat belt violations, not tickets on the people cutting

      others off, or the ones travelling in excess of 100mph.


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      > If you hit someone in the rear it is automatically your fault because

      > it is assumed you were following too close, even if the idiot pulled

      > out in front of you! If you pull into traffic oncoming traffic has

      > the right of way so even if it looks as if no one is coming always do

      > a complete stop, look both ways and back again because if you hit

      > somenoe as you pull into traffic it is your fault. After all, what if

      > you were the one traveling dowon the road and someone pulled out into

      > you?

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