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      Hi, I have to second Yolanda’s post. I too am a wife of a police officer and every time he goes out, my one worry is whether he will make it home to his wife and kids.My fiance (20 years ago)was also a police officer and was killed when he went on a motel room non payment call, just a routine call, unfortunately the people who were in the room were wanted for armed robbery, and very violent. Though people may not always like them,remember,almost all of thepolice officersare there to protect us, to make your neighborhoods and streets safe, but end up getting more abuse than any other professionand all they are doing istrying to make a living doing something they love, or respect. As to the ticket, here in the Detroit Area of Michigan, it is the law to wear your seat beat whenever the car is running, even if your just sitting in
      a parking lot listening to music, andyou can be stopped just for notwearing it. My husband also goes to court, though that’s not to say that he hasn’tmade mistakes, but for the most part courts willnormally side with theofficer, whetherit’s right or wrong. If you went to court you mightend up paying waymore than what the ticket actually is. Lisa

      Yolonda wrote:

      First thing, I am a proud wife of a police officer and Navy reservist.

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