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      If the seat belt was off when he approached the car, he is well

      within his rights to ticket for it. You would have to be able to

      prove or make a good case for the reason why the seatbelt was undone

      when it was for the judge to dismiss it.

      Seatbelt laws are getting very strict and the police are rather

      ticket happy when it comes to it, for good reason.

      Honestly, I don’t think you’d be able to argue your way out of it,

      but if you really think you might be able to, then push it to court.

      I’ve only ever fought one ticket, and I won, but it wasn’t a ticket

      issued directly to me, it was a ticket issued through the mail based

      on what 1 person said happened, as opposed to what actually

      happened. When it came time for court, the other person

      conveinently “forgot” that anything had happened at all, and the

      ticket was dismissed.

      But fighting a direct police issued ticket is a lot harder because

      it’s your word against a police officer.

      > Yesterday I was stopped by a police officer for not wearing the

      seat belt. The mistake I made was to unclick the seat belt when he

      puled me over, I panicked. In all honesty I was wearing it but he

      gave me a ticket. I didn’t think I did anything wrong and forgot

      the seat belt law. I live in Illinois.


      > He was following me and I didn’t notice him till he turned on the

      siren. He was upset and asked me why I didn’t stop when I sew him.

      I didn’t see him, I was looking for an Estate Sale and turning my

      head left and right, so he thought that I was ignoring him. I am

      short and was wearing a bulky coat that was unzipped. I think that

      for that reason he didn’t see me buckled when I went past him. I

      showed him how fast I can buckle up hoping he would see that I do

      use my seat belt.


      > I can pay $55 or go to court. If I were to go to court do I stand

      a chance or will I have to pay the $55 plus court costs. If you

      know anything about this problem please give me your input.


      > Thank you,

      > Melissa








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