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      While I understand where you're coming from, I disagree. My father, 2 weeks ago, was saved by a seatbelt. Everyone is going to have an anecdotal story about what happened to someone they knew. My cousin was killed by a drunk driver who ran over her after her mother, who wasn't wearing a seatbelt, was ejected from her vehicle, when hit by another person (not the drunk driver). My cousin was huddled over her mom. My gifrlfriend, when in high school, was ejected from the vehicle after a car accident, and is not paralyzed. The 3 girls wearing seatbelts had no injuries.

      In any case, statistics show that people who wear seat belts have their lives saved more often than not.

      BUT, if a person chooses not to wear their seat belt, then they shouldn't be required to. I just think they should sign paperwork that they will be responsible for their own medical care.

      On Dec 3, 2007 8:57 AM, Liss <> wrote:

      You know, I think this Seatbelt law is the biggest crock of CRAP. I was a passenger in a vehicle as a teen that hit a telephone pole. The car was loaded with tools and equipment in the back and if I had Had my seatbelt on, at the very LEAST, if I had survived the impact of all that equipment, it would have shattered my back.
      Luckily, I DIDN'T. Everything that was in the back of the car was thrown Forward, completely destroying the seat and landing where I had been sitting. The paramedics on scene said, “Thank god you didn't have that thing on.”

      Just yesterday morning on the local news there was a car accident, the man wearing his seatbelt was killed, the man not wearing it, walked away with minor cuts.

      It should be a choice (for adults).This law is nothing more than bureaucratic bullshit, a moneymaker in almost every state, an excuse to pull you over and generate revenue. If the bureaucrats were truly interested in savinglives they would outlaw Tobacco Products, which kill 1,200 people per Day, ahhh, but where's the money in that?

      If you feel safer being Strapped down in a vehicle, then by all means, strap yourself in, it's yourChoice,but I'll be damned if I'm going to do the same, law or not.I'd rather be thrown from a vehicle then Burn to death in one.

      As far as going to court, you're more than likely wasting your breath. Dh had a ticket and the cop never even showed up, the judge said, “If the officer stopped you, you were wrong, period.” Um, okay, I guess my husband must have been stopped by GOD- because apparently a cop can't make a mistake.

      My advice,haveyour carwindows tinted so they can't see in next time.



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