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      If you hit someone in the rear it is automatically your fault because

      it is assumed you were following too close, even if the idiot pulled

      out in front of you! If you pull into traffic oncoming traffic has

      the right of way so even if it looks as if no one is coming always do

      a complete stop, look both ways and back again because if you hit

      somenoe as you pull into traffic it is your fault. After all, what if

      you were the one traveling dowon the road and someone pulled out into


      There is a problem with drivers too old to drive who should not be on

      the highway. A neighbor of ours is so senile when he drives on the

      interstate he stops at the end of the on ramp and goes 40mph on a

      70mph interstate, pulls out in front of people and runs off the road!

      There is also a problem with motorcycles as they are very hard to see

      and we all need to be on the lookout for them. Finally you add

      foreign drivers who have no clue how to drive on our roads and people

      who drive who have no licesne, drunk drivers and those under the

      influence of drugs, might as well take the bus!

      I have been a corrections officer and there were a lot of people in

      prison who are innocent, and just as many if not more guilty that

      walk the streets. Maybe the cop was an A** but he was really trying

      to do his job and make the streets safer for everyone. Did you know

      that when the accident rate increases insurance rates go up? Besides,

      trying to fight a ticket is a no-win situation unless you got it

      video taped so why pay out more money just to go to court and get all

      worked up? The government controls way too much of our lives, I do

      not like seatbelts either but I wear it rather than risk losing my

      license. If you want the laws changed blaming a cop is not the way to

      go all the time. Vote for the right person and do things right. If

      you chose not to vote then keep quiet because silence is the same as


      — In, “Thomas & Tracy Harris”



      > I can tell ya from experience, most of the time going to court on a

      ticket is a no win situation.


      > 2 scenarios. I was coming home, made a left hand turn, no light,

      me and 2 other people saw that NO ONE was coming, motorcycle came

      over the hill doing 100 mph+, t-boned me. Highway Patrol, took one

      look at the accident, discounted the eyewitness testimony, and wrote

      me a ticket for failure to yield. Went to court, affidavit from

      another party saying he did not see the motorcycle….I got to pay

      the fine w/no points.


      > Hubby accident, gal went from the right hand turn lane into

      traffic, he was turning left on the road, she hit him, same ticket,

      same result in court.


      > Thomas & Tracy Harris

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      > Several years ago I was sitting at a stop sign & a police officer

      passed me. I turned left & he turned around & pulled me over. He

      asked why I did have my seatbelt on, I told him I did, he asked me

      again & I told him the say thing. He was getting really mad at me.

      But I wasn’t backing down. He told me no I didn’t & then he said my

      daughter didn’t have a seatbelt on either. He gave me a ticket for no

      seatbelt but he didn’t give me a ticket for my daughter (she had a

      seatbelt on) He was a big jerk. That was all he did, give people

      tickets for no seatbelt. I wasn’t about to pay for a ticket over

      something I didn’t do. I went to a no seatbelt class. They showed

      films on wrecked car & told stories about people that didn’t wear a

      seatbelt. Guess who the instructor was???? The policeman that gave me

      the ticket. I would go to court.


      > M F wrote:

      > Yesterday I was stopped by a police officer for not wearing the

      seat belt. The mistake I made was to unclick the seat belt when he

      puled me over, I panicked. In all honesty I was wearing it but he

      gave me a ticket. I didn’t think I did anything wrong and forgot the

      seat belt law. I live in Illinois.


      > He was following me and I didn’t notice him till he turned on

      the siren. He was upset and asked me why I didn’t stop when I sew

      him. I didn’t see him, I was looking for an Estate Sale and turning

      my head left and right, so he thought that I was ignoring him. I am

      short and was wearing a bulky coat that was unzipped. I think that

      for that reason he didn’t see me buckled when I went past him. I

      showed him how fast I can buckle up hoping he would see that I do use

      my seat belt.


      > I can pay $55 or go to court. If I were to go to court do I

      stand a chance or will I have to pay the $55 plus court costs. If

      you know anything about this problem please give me your input.


      > Thank you,

      > Melissa






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