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      As Christmas is coming near, what gifts can we present to our families and friends? Here are some advices for you to refer to.

      Gifts for kids: It is a custom to buy Christmas gifts to kids, which is one of the reasons christmas is so popular with kids. we can prepare some exclusive gifts for them as christmas gifts, such as a christmas hat, christmas tree, and a santa claus doll. you can also buy some toys they like, such as plush toys and car models.

      gifts for couples: it is really a good chance to date and go shopping for couples. buy a lovely gift for her and have a candlelight dinner together. you can make her happy.

      as a symbol of love, a rose can show your love that day. a pair of rings which bear your names for lovers may also be a witness of your love.

      gifts for parents: the best gift for parents might be the simplest. just sit there and accompany them to enjoy your time. help them to decorate the christmas tree and the house. a warm sweater or coat might be more suitable for them.

      except for the gifts for lovers, all other gifts can be ordered online. you can get those gifts at, and some other online shops.

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      I handed my mom a plate of homemade cookies and told her that is her gift from me. she was so happy, she didn’t hear the part that I wasn’t being honest. The cookies actually would have made a great gift for her. It is really hard to buy a simple gift for people that have everything.

      the actual gift was a 25.00 gift card to half price books and the promise that I will go shopping with her. That made her year.

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      Every year we go my inlaws and there are alot of kids, we have 3. I load up on small toys they can play together with like battle bot spinners, foam air planes that whistle, glow sticks, slinky, ect. I spend one or two bucks each and try to get the most bang for my buck.

      Every single year the kids open all their big presents but end up spending the evening playing with the cheap ones I bring.
      Since there are so many adults we play a game where you bring a gift you get a gift then you can “steal” from someone else and give them yours. We cap it at $20, its amazing how creative we get in this price range. Its a blast.
      Instead of a formal dinner they do a potluck buffet so everyone is relaxed having fun and visiting.

      no stress!

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