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      Start with some top companies and go from there. You really have to assess what’s a good fund for yourself. So much depends on your acceptable risk level, what you’re trying to do with the investment, when you expect it to be withdrawn, etc.

      Or try Morningstar, they offer quite a bit of info for free; Lipper, don’t know much about their website though, or Forbes. Fidelity, Vanguard, T.Rowe Price are three of the bigger companies. Lori.

      M F wrote:

      we would like to open mutual funds with the money grandma gave our children. we feel it would be wise to invest it till they are more responsible and mutual funds is something we are comfortable with.

      if you are a professional or work with mutual funds in any way please note that i’m not looking for professional opinion. we took dave ramsey’s financial freedom classes and i can go to his advisers. i am looking for an advice from common folks who have mutual funds and knowledge about mutual funds.

      i’m sorry abut this and i don’t want to sound mean about it.

      having sad that, does anyone know of a good mutual fund which they recommend that is between 10-15 yrs in existence, that of course is what Dave Ramsey recommend. Any advice and input on how to go about investing is appreciated.

      Thank you,

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