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      For those of you who were interested in not having a contract or lowering your wireless bill, this may interest you depending on how much you use your phone.

      This is good for the following customers;

      1) Those who use few minutes or don’t use the phone everyday
      2) A person who REALLY doesn’t want a contract
      3) One who has bad credit and either isn’t approved for a phone or has a high deposit
      4) someone looking for emergency usage.

      You may have to copy and paste that link… I’m not a Verizon REp, but just saw the advertisement

      Apparently you only pay 99 Cents on the days that you use your phone. So, if you only use your phone 5 times that month, you only pay 5 dollars for the access fee, and then your ten cents a minute.

      They will also let you pay 1.99 for the access fee on the days you use your phone and this will give you
      unlimited nights and weekends for free, ten cents a minute otherwise.

      If you are serious about saving money, you will accurately and realistically analyze when you use minutes, and how many minutes you use, and how many days of the month you use them..

      Hope this helps if you were still looking,


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