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      Just a few tips–

      1) keep a price book so you know what is a good price or each item (In

      case you see it on sale or discount then you know if it’s a good enough

      deal to stock up on )

      2)If you use coupons, watch sales so that you can combine sales and

      coupons–even better if a store near you will double coupons.

      3)If you use coupons, it’s worth your while to have many—especially of

      items you use a lot of. I print coupons from

      and I try to check out websites for items I use a lot or really like.

      Many companies offer coupons on their website. You can print coupons at, though I personally can not make it work on my


      4) You might check out or and

      see if these services are available in your area. If not, you may want

      to pick a particular grocery store (the one that doubles coupons!) and

      keep the sales ads over a 12 week period and compare. Supposedly, all

      stores run their sales in a 12 week cycle so if you see a good deal on,

      say, spaghetti sauce, then you want to buy enough to last 12 weeks until

      it is on sale again. I haven not tried this myself though I plan to.

      5) another website that gives “electronic” coupons for

      certain grocery stores that use a preferred shopper card. You go to

      their website and click on what you want and they are “added” to your

      card and automatically come off when you purchase these items or their

      expire. I have not personally found any of the coupons there to be ones

      I really used, but you might. Sometimes there are quite a few and

      sometimes only a couple.

      6) consider joining a coupon swap –you can find an established one at

      www. by clicking on “forums” and then looking for


      Good luck!

      JennyO in mo

      lwh wrote:



      >i am trying to cut back on our grocery bill and would appreciate any

      >suggestions or websites on how to do this.







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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List advice on budgeting groceries