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      Move her legs around, like a bicycle. The movement can help stimulate her bowels. Also, a warm bath might help her relax.

      If she is on an iron fortified formula, it can make her constipated. Hope this helps some.


      Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2007 20:22:48 -0400
      Subject: : Advice needed for infant

      My 1 month old granddaughter is having a difficult time with her bowel movements. When she starts to have one she just starts screaming. We hold her legs to her belly to try and help her.

      There is no blood in her stools so the doctors haven’t done anything for her. We have put Karo Syrup in her bottles but she can’t stomache it. She is on a Lactose formula for her little belly.

      Does anyone have any ideas that can help her to have an easier time with her bm’s.

      Thanks in advance
      God Bless

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