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      * cut a witch’s hat out of black construction paper and write your party details with a white gel pen.

      * write all of your party details on the front or back of a mask (the kind that covers only the eyes and nose.)

      * hand deliver small pumpkins or gourds with your party details written on the back and a funny face drawn on the front.

      drinks: see “fun halloween cocktails” thread for ideas on what ghoulish drinks to serve your guests.

      have tarot cards and ouija boards on hand to set the mood and provide for ice breakers/fun drinking games.

      # provide each guest or couple with a disposable camera to record the fun.
      # serve drinks in a witch’s cauldron with dry ice at the bottom.
      # do not allow dry ice to come in contact with your skin, and be sure no pieces get into anyone’s drink. dry ice may also damage plastic, so put a punch bowl inside the cauldron before adding dry ice.

      game ideas:

        halloween treasure hunt
        halloween treasure hunt
        supplies: clues, treasure map, treasure
        sharethis – email this game to friend! or click to bookmark

        a treasure hunt game that we created last year for a halloween party became an instant hit and has been requested again this year. adapt the clues for any age group.

        make 9 rhyming clues and 1 treasure map on paper and place them around the yard.

        Hand the kids Clue #1 and it should lead them to Clue #2 and then Clue #3 and so on. Clue #9 led them to the treasure map.

        They had to find the treasure based on the map drawing and “X” marks the spot! Hide the treasure chest somewhere inside or outside where they can find it, but don’t make it to easy. The treasure can be a cardboard treasure chest filled to the rim with Oriental Trading novelty toys (you can make whatever you want) for Halloween and some candy.

        Here are my clues, but make your own clues to work with your “hunting” area/game style. (My explanatory notes are in parentheses.)

        CLUE #1
        happy halloween, little witches and warlocks!
        here is your first clue
        but you will have to look under a slide (taped clue to underside of slide)
        for clue number 2!

        CLUE #2
        you found clue number 2
        as you can see
        but you’ll have to ask the skeleton (taped somewhere to halloween party prop)
        for clue number 3!

        CLUE #3
        you are getting closer
        than you were before
        try checking the tire (taped inside of tire swing)
        for clue number 4!

        CLUE #4
        do you like to dance?
        do you like to jive?
        check under the boombox (taped underneath cd player that is playing kidzbop halloween music)
        for clue number 5!

        CLUE #5
        there is a scarecrow
        made of straw and sticks
        holding the riddle (taped somewhere to halloween party prop)
        that is clue number 6!

        CLUE #6
        the sky is so blue
        when you look up towards heaven
        and so is the thing hiding (i’ve still got to find something blue outside to use this year)
        clue number 7!

        CLUE #7
        look closely when you walk
        through the wooden gate
        and you might just find
        clue number 8!
        CLUE #8

        you are getting so close
        but the treasure is still mine
        unless you look under the fifth step
        for clue number 9!

        CLUE #9
        aha! only one clue left
        is there a pirate among the men? (my husband is dressing up like a pirate for the party and he is going to have the map)
        it is he who you must trick
        into giving you clue number 10!

          scavenger hunt variation 2:
          Whether your crowd is into dressing up in Halloween costumes or not the will enjoy this challenge. First, create a list of Halloween costumes.

          Superman, Spiderman, Vampire, Princess, Pet costume, etc… 10 – 20 costumes best. Now divide your guests into team and send them out to take pictures of people in these costumes. However, they can not take pictures of other party guests to complete their list.

          Give the teams an hour or two to complete the task and then see which one comes back with the most Costume checked off their list. A fun way to see great costumes and once everyone returns share what they saw.

            halloween video scavenger hunt
            create two or three teams depending on how many participate in the costume scavenger hunt. each team will a video camera to record the scavenger hunt and they get 2 hours (can be adjusted) to complete various tasks and get select items.

            Here are some task ideas:
            Go to a video rental store and find out what year the movie Halloween was made.
            Go to a grave yard and find a specific name on a tomb stone.
            Take a video with a Taxi or bus driver.
            Find a cop in a donut shop and get a video with him.
            Go to a grocery store find out how much a specific item costs.
            Go to a bar find out how many brands of beer they serve.
            Find a stranger who will let you wrap them up in toilet paper like a mummy on video.
            And so on…

            When the teams get back we have the most fun watching the videos, especially the people who came to the party that didn’t go out on the Scavenger hunt!

              halloween camera scavenger hunt
              each year we have a big halloween party and one of our favorite events is the digital camera halloween scavenger hunt.

              we team people up in groups of 8 -10 people and send them out in their Halloween costumes with a list of things them must get photos of. These items are in different order so that the teams are not doing the same thing at the same time.

              Each team dressed in Halloween costumes races around town to get photos at landmarks, with police officers, bouncers, next to funny signs, at a restaurant, etc… Once they get everything completed they return to the house with the photos. First team to return with everything completed (photos taken) is the winner.

              As the teams return I download the photos and create a slide show and let it run on my computer throughout the evening. Everyone loves it and they all share and tell stories about their adventure.

              If you want to make things more difficult, make the list clues as to where they need to go to take the photo rather than just saying go to this place to take a photo. Adapt for your crew and have fun.

                halloween film festival game
                creative friends that always want to do something different, well challenge them to present at your halloween film festival.

                get a list of classic horror or not so classic but well known horror films.
                them determine your guest list and group friends and ask if they would be willing to do a 5 minute Horror film based off a classic? Your goal is to get 5 – 10 mini movies for your game.
                So depending on your friends, you may ask the to do two apiece, note not all your guests have to do a movie but it is more fun that way. The other option is you try to do a bunch yourself.

                Now that you have volunteers give them a horror classic that you ask them to remake.
                Titles could include: The Birds, The Exorcist, Halloween, Blair Witch, The Ring, etc…

                Make sure to tell the not to title their movie or tell anyone what movie they are doing as the game will be to identify what movie this movie is a remake of.

                During the night of the party, let everyone know that they are going to watch movies and are going to need to identify what classic horror movie this is a remake of.

                Don’t tell them they may know the stars of these movies!

                Original Idea – Mock the Blair Witch Project by…
                Inviting friends to create a scary or humorous 5 minute film in the style of Blair Witch, then have a Halloween Film Festival and play the tapes. Ideas could be: A bathroom with no toilet paper, In a mall with no credit cards, Halloween is here and I don’t have a costume, etc…


                  zodiac constellations
                  zodiac constellations (adults)
                  this is a really interesting keepsake to make as your fortune teller party favors that i’m sure your guests will find quite unique.

                  materials needed:

                  glow in the dark stars
                  book on zodiac constellations
                  gold marker
                  shiny stiff black paper or black cardboard cut into 8″ x 10″ pieces


                  Glow Moon and Stars

                  1. You will need to find out the Zodiac sign of each of your guests before the party. You can also pick up a book on the constellations at the library.

                  2. Place the stars on the black paper according to the picture in the book related to each guest’s zodiac sign.

                  3. Write the name of the zodiac sign along the bottom with the gold marker.

                  4. If desired, also right the person’s name below it and draw the zodiac symbol for the sign on either side of the name (see Zany Zodiac game for symbols.) Your guests can take these personalized constellations home and frame them if they wish.

                    star candle pots

                    2″ Terra cotta pots
                    Black, midnight blue or gold paints
                    Star, moon and/or sun stickers or graphic cutouts
                    Glue and paint brushes
                    Votive candles
                    Acrylic sealer


                    1. Paint the pots inside and out with paint. Glue on stickers or graphics around the outside of the pots.

                    2. Seal inside and out with acrylic sealer. Let dry.

                    3. Place votive candle inside and hand out as favors or prizes.

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