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      with foods if it triggers a hyperactivity it is usually an allergy or intolerance to an ingredient — if that is the concern have the children tested. In autism there is much talk about a gluten-free diet and casein free diet that anecdotally has seen much success, and helps alot with the “symptom” of hyperactivity in autistic children — just do a search on autism+diet. for adhd many reccomend a diet similar to the adult “body for life” diet — ie whole grain carbs only and carbs only before activity where they will be needed for energy and protiens for focus.

      the problem I ran into with my son was I was limiting sweets so much when he was first diagnosed with adhd before the autism diagnosis was we had an opposite backlash when it came time to give him meds which he cannot yet swallow — I would put it into something sweet to hide it and he would look at it suspiciously and ignore it because he knew i didnt allow sweets. I gradually got him to accept sweets again and best way to hide clonidine I have found is in a hershey kiss with the soft center — just push it sideways through the bottom very gently………..

      as for weight gain there is pediasure, carnation instant breakfast chocolate milk (if kids are on wic and get milk this is especially cost effective) there is a sugar free version of this as well — russell stover makes many sugar free candies.

      diet sometimes helps, but not always one thing that works with youngsters is COFFEE as caffieine is a stimulant and children with adhd need extra stimulation to deal with the hyper impulses — sounds backwards but its true — they engage in “self stimulating” ie hyper behavior in order to try to control the hyper impulses.

      definitely also have the children screened for autistic spectrum disorder as many autistic children are mislabeled as being adhd or hyper — esp if child seems to have sensory issues as well or anxiety, speech issues, or defiant or oppositional behaviors. the adhd is often a symptom of autism look on for more info — the info and help there also applies to adhd and anxiety as well.

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