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      I have a 10yr old daughter diagnoised at age 5. Put on meds age 6. After several adjustments w/meds & doses we’ve now been on the same one for a couple of yrs.

      1- weight – it is an issue with her – she was going btwn 60# – 65# for the longest time. When she went below 60# they were concerned & if it continued would take her off meds. So it is an issue.

      What we do – feed her whenever she will eat. She doesnt have a typical breakfast. I give her meds at 6am & a PBJ sandwich whole wht no crust. She lays in bed eats it & dozes until 6:45 when the meds kick in & she is awake. She is fine getting ready for school etc, but doesn’t eat a very good school lunch – whether its home packed or theirs- she just isnt hungry on meds. Thru the yrs she has learned to make herself eat a little if possible but still isnt good at it.

      WHen she gets home from school at 3pm she eats – a lot- I keed a container of chicken alfredo in the fridge for her to heat up; or mini corn dogs; french toast sticks; fish sticks…I know it isn’t exactly the best food chioces but she will eat them! She often adds a bowl of cold cereal to this as well…. So her meds are starting to wear off & thehunger appears around this time.

      Then she gets hundgry for dinner a bit late around 8 -9pm; again even if the rest of the family has eaten I will have her meal ready to be re-heated.

      Allowing her the flexibility to eat when she is hungry has allowed her to feel in control; cut down on the arguements about eating, and she is still very thin but the Dr is not concerned. She has also been starting pueberty so we’ve seen some growth changes due to that as well. ADHD meds will sometimes delay it, not at our house!

      I can always tell when a growth spurt is happening she eats constantly. She also has a thing about sweets – she sometimes will tell me she just has to have a donut or whatever – this is usually when meds are all worn off & she is tired, sometimes cranky, & it actually calms her.

      About meds- if you are just beginning the process of finding one that works – watch for picking – like head scratching or ear picking – I had no idea this was a side effect no one told me – I had a 6yr old with bloody scabby ears; she didnt even know she was doing it – the Dr immediately reduced dose & changed meds. So we look for those types of signs all the time, now its a head scratching thing, again she doesnt know she does it unless you stopp her. The pharmisist says to watch for ticks; we havent seen any ticks that I’ve recognized but if he hadnt mentioned it I would not have known.

      My DH also has ADHD – diagnoised while the DR was meeting us about daughter 🙂 He calmly said yes she is ADHD & so are you Mr Snow…Hers her Rx & your Rx 🙂 Its made my life so much less stressful. Having just a child is hard but add a spouse to that & its swinging from the rafters!! For my DH its meant keeping a steady job which for the last 20 yrs he has never done. HE can tell a world of difference.

      Sorry I got so long but if you want feel free to email direct.


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