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      Child #3 is my husband’s son. When I first met him, I couldn’t

      understand anything he said. He had sever speech problems. He was in

      speech class and has gotten a little better. When my husband and I

      married, he was going into 2nd grade. His teacher called everyday or

      sent letters home everyday about how he would not pay attention and

      was not doing well. I had the school test him for learning problems.

      They said his I.Q. was 1 point too high to be put in special ed.

      Because of this, he would not get any help with anything and they

      suggested we put him back in 1st grade. He did do better when put

      back in 1st.

      When his dad and I got married, he also was taking 60 mg of Ritalin

      a day and cattle antibiotics when needed (read about child #2 for

      complete background). I took him off to let him detox. He was a

      skinny kid on the meds. Now he has gained about 30 pounds in a year.

      He is very lazy and only wants to watch TV all day. He doesn’t care

      to go out and play or move around like the other children. His speech

      has not gotten any better. He is very immature. He cries about

      something almost every day. If some one hits him, he cries. If

      someone makes him mad, he cries. If he gets in trouble for something,

      he cries.

      His teacher has ask for a parent/teacher conference because he won’t

      pay attention in class. He struggles with his work, his reading has

      not improved since 1st grade, and his grades are slipping. He can’t

      remember what he did with anything or where anything is. He takes

      twice as long as anyone else to do anything. I call him my little

      turtle because he doesn’t get in a hurry to do anything.

      Can any one suggest what kind of doctor to take him to? I’m not sure

      if he has ADHD or maybe the start of Aspergers like I think his

      oldrer brother has. I know they have been through a lot with their

      parents divorce, moving, changing shcools, and living with a new

      family. But I really do think they may have learning problems too. I

      have spoken with people who knew them before and they said they have

      improved a lot from how they were when mom and dad were together. I

      try to spend quality time with them all and treat them as people, not

      a noise machine. Around my house, children are allowed to be children

      and make noise and have fun. What else would you expect from 4 boys.

      Any help or advise any one can give would be greatly appreciated.



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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List ADHD or Aspergers? Please help! Child #3