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      Two years ago I got remarried. My husband has 3 children and I have

      2. The first time I met Child #2 (husbands son), I was in shock that

      he was 10 years old. He acted like he was 5. I thought he probably

      has some learning problems and maybe some mild form of retardation.

      He has 2 brothers ages 5 and 7. The 5 year old was more mature than


      Now for the background. My husband worked a lot when he was with his

      first wife. Why she ever has children I will never know. They were

      left to be raised by the television so she could sleep and be on the

      computer. When she left, she left the kids with my husband and he has

      custody. Because he had to work all the time, his mom kept the kids

      for him. His mom had child #2 diagnosed with ADHD and was giving him

      60 mg of Ritalin a day. At night, she was giving all of them sleeping

      pills so they would go to sleep fast. When they got sick, she would

      save money by giving them antibiotics that were bought from the feed

      store for cattle.

      When my husband and I got married and they moved in with me, I

      immediately stopped all the pills to let them detox. When school

      started, child #2 was struggling. He barely passed. He took the TAKS

      math test 3 times before passing it. Because of his immaturity and

      struggles, I had him repeat 5th grade. In my town, you go to Jr High

      in 6th. I knew he wouldn’t make it. Now he is in the 5th grade for

      the second time and is doing worse. He is failing most of his classes

      that is a repeat of what he did last year.

      On top of being very immature, he is also very aggressive. He is

      normally sweet until you make him mad. He tries to severly hurt his

      brothers if they do something to make him mad (especially child #1

      from previous post). He doesn’t like for people to touch him. If

      someone walks by and bumps him, he will push them accross the room.

      When I try to talk to him about his behavior, he just starts to cry.

      He doesn’t like loud noise. He has an exceptional memory. He can

      repeat scenes from every movie he has ever seen. He had his lines

      memorized for the scool play before he ever came home with the paper.

      But ask him what he learned or did in school that day, and he can’t

      tell you. He talks with a funny pitch in his voice and uses exact

      pronunciation of every word. He makes funny sounds all the time.

      I have ask them to test him at school for learning problems and

      maybe special ed., but they say it is a long process to do and

      haven’t even started yet. I need to know what kind of doctor I need

      to take him to have him diagnosed. I’ve done research and I think he

      may have aspergers. He doesn’t seem to be doing any better as the

      years pass and seems to be getting worse in school with time. I want

      to help him, but am not sure how. Any help would be greatly




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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List ADHD or Aspergers? Please help! Child #2