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      If you can take him in for a nuero psych evaluation. Those are good to get an idea of what is going one. whether its adhd, anxiety, autism, learning issues etc.

      And it will let you know if everything is okay and its the situation. I’ve had them done on each of my kids it was a great help. Also you can request the school do a special ed evaulation.

      That way you can also find wahts going on. It may not give you all the answers but can get you going in the right direction. I’m surprised that the teachers didn’t suggest it if they are at their wits end.

      You need to put the request in writing and if you request they have to do the evaluation. Just make sure they cover all the basis. Adhd, autism, learning issues, etc.

      Then if he qualifies for spec ed they will do a 504 plan or an iep. keep in mind if you disagree with the planyou do not have to sign either of those until you agree. some school are really good when it comes to ieps and others are not.

      you can also ask if as part of the evaulation or if he qualifies for spec. ed for a funtional behavior assessment be done at the school. it may help if certain things are triggering behaviors in school.

      i would also read teh book “the explosive child” that is one of the 1st books I got and have reread. You can also request spec ed evaluations on the other kids if you think it is necessary.

      Sorry this is so long


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      From: kaykay75423
      Sent: Saturday, March 15, 2008 12:45 PM
      Subject: : ADHD or Aspergers? Please help! Child #1

      I have been reading the post about ADHD and diet and thought maybe
      someone could help me with my problem. I have 5 children (2 are mine
      and 3 are my husbands). 3 of these children have problems. To keep
      this post from being so long, I will send 3 post about each child.
      The first child is 8 years old.

      I took him to a doctor when he
      started school because the teachers were complaining about his
      behavior and dislike for learning (he was 4). He went to his
      pediatrician who had the teacher and me fill out the usual
      questionaires. Then he decided he had adhd and gave me adderall.

      gave him the meds for a year during which time he showed little
      improvement and became very aggressive toward anyone when things
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