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      as long as the biodad is going to let him run wild you are fighting a loosing battle ..

      Check for allergies .. allergies can manifest as sleep issues, behaviors and tactile defensivness etc


      On 3/15/08, kaykay75423[/b] <> wrote:

      I have been reading the post about ADHD and diet and thought maybe
      someone could help me with my problem. I have 5 children (2 are mine
      and 3 are my husbands). 3 of these children have problems. To keep
      this post from being so long, I will send 3 post about each child.

      The first child is 8 years old. I took him to a doctor when he
      started school because the teachers were complaining about his
      behavior and dislike for learning (he was 4). He went to his
      pediatrician who had the teacher and me fill out the usual

      questionaires. Then he decided he had ADHD and gave me Adderall. I
      gave him the meds for a year during which time he showed little
      improvement and became very aggressive toward anyone when things
      didn't go his way.

      I decided to take him off the meds.

      Now, before I get much further, I need to give you some background
      on his life. His father and I divorced when he was 3. Since we live
      in the same town, he was awarded extended visitation (against my

      He goes to his dad's house every Thursday after school and

      spends the night. He goes to dad's every other weekend on Friday
      after school and is returned to school on Monday morning. While he is
      with dad, he does whatever he wants and tells everyone else what to

      He goes to bed at all hours of the night and sleeps most of the

      day (except when he has to get up for school, which is hard after
      staying up late). He eats whatever he wants whenever he wants. When
      he was on meds, he only got them sometimes.
      Now, for the problems. I have 4 other children.

      I have a home

      daycare also. When my son comes home after spending time with his
      dad, he is out of control. I have talked with my attorney and he says
      I can't do anything about the visitation since the child is not in
      life threatening danger.

      The teachers at his school are at their wits end. He is in his
      second year of 1st grade and has no interest in learning. He hates to
      read and write.

      He is failing again. After school, he comes home all
      hyped up from being stuck at school all day. He is violent to the

      other children if they get in his way or anoy him. I don't even try
      to work on homework with him any more. It's just a war.

      He says its
      too hard and he hates school. He is hard to get to bed at night and

      hard to wake in the morning. He sleep walks alot and wets the bed on
      many occasions. He was also diagnosed with mild hearing loss but not
      enough to need aids.
      What I need to know is, who should I take him to for diagnosis of

      what he may have? I don't want to go back to the pediatrician. They
      just give out meds without really testing for all the problems. I've
      been doing a lot of research about adhd and odd.

      i'm not sure which

      he may have or where to go for help. Then again, I'm not sure if
      anything will help as long as he gets to spend so much time with his
      dad. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to keep him from his dad, but

      I've talked to dad repeatedly about about setting rules and making
      him mind. But that doesn't work.
      Sorry this is so long. I'm at my wits end and in real need of help
      before the rest of my hair turns gray and falls out.


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