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      not so much autism, but it is a sensory issue. many adhd kids have other issues as well as the adhd.
      autism has more to do with not feeling emotions as much – many autistic kids don’t connect with people well. also, a common adhd behavior – they take everything literally. you ask them if the cat has their tongue (meaning why are they so quiet – which i know – rarely happens), they will think a cat literally has their tongue. also, they don’t get hints well, like a waiter hovering to speed your eating up so they can have the table for another patron – it just goes right over their head.

      also adhd is hereditary. my son got it from me. the waiter hovering – that was me not getting it and my mom letting me know the innuendo.

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      i have never really thought about autism before and i really don’t know what it is. she is not unconfortable when she has a fit it usually occurs because we do not do what she wants when she wants it done.

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