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      I have never really thought about autism before and I really don’t know what it is. She is not unconfortable when she has a fit it usually occurs because we do not do what she wants when she wants it done. When she threw her container of chocolate milk she wanted her dad to turn and look at her right now and he was driving and could not turn.I was speaking to my husband and she wanted us to stop talking and when we did not she threw the milk container.

      The time she almost killed her kitty she was angry because I would not go to the store and buy her a toy. The kitty survived and today they are inseperable. She has really good days and really bad days and nothing in the middle.

      Either all good or all bad. The ritalin helps her some but when the patch is close to being changed she gets worse and right after I put a new one on she is bad. It is about a two hour span and then she evens out in her moods again.

      Her therapist says she hates to be touched and is
      doing touch therapy wiith her now. Do autistic children behave this way? What causes autism?

      Erica Hager wrote: melinda that also sounds like autism with the fits and repetetive behavior and throwing shoes out car window — could the shoe throwing be that there was something uncomfortable and she couldnt express it?

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