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      melinda (& all)

      kudos to you for talking to her doctor and getting her checked out again! there are so many thoughts and ideas posted on the web and this group lately about the disease(s) we are talking about, and the one thing I keep saying to all the parents who ask me questions is to get the child seen by a dr and I am so glad you did! so many people are scared of an autism or asd diagnosis because they think it means a “life sentence” when in fact, not getting the proper diagnosis early on will do that — the earlier the docs and teachers identify a problem the sooner you can start doing various therapuetic things, such as the touch therapy, meds, counselling, proper placement, iep adjustment or creation at school and so forth — its when you dont know what is going on when you see kids with problems throughout school and throughout life, because if you dont know what the problem(s) are you cannot properly deal with them, or if you do deal with them
      it could be in a way that might be counterproductive, especially with a sensitive autistic child — who for example may not understand why she is being yelled at for throwing something out a car window or at dad (just an example), because she is sensorily overloaded at the moment she does those things nothing you say or do would get through, and it can get frustrating for the parents (esp when things are being thrown directly at their head — my son has done this too, so don’t feel bad — i think most parents have been there), sometimes at very least its just comforting knowing that you know ok, this is just an “autistic fit” or meltdown and there isn’t much i can do, right now but its not my fault and its not his/her fault it just is what it is and do what you can to minimize the stress for all concerned.


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