adhd and autism

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      Your totally right there. And being mildly ADHD myself on top of

      having Fibromyalgia having a routine was/is very very hard. But Matt

      can deal with change much better now

      On 3/15/08, Erica Hager <> wrote:

      > april


      > i totally agree! my son is high functioning autistic/aspbergers (ie high iq

      > in some things but at times very bad autistic symptoms (anxiety, sensory

      > issues, adhd obsessive, hand flapping etc.). one thing that helps most is

      > routine, sticking to a schedule so he knows what happens next — sounds like

      > the car incident was because she was “forced” to transition too quickly from

      > talking to not talking more quickly then she would have liked. i have a

      > copy of the kids school schedules posted at home and try to stick to those

      > schedules during weekends and breaks in order to keep things consistent.

      > alot of time aspbergers and autistic and adhd kids crave routine so they

      > know what to expect and it gives them a chance to work through any anixety

      > or sensory issues before the next task or event — egg timers, clocks etc

      > are all great tools, even verbal reminders and cues or a pecs board like

      > they have at school which shows pictures of the activity broken into

      > smaller steps.


      > we stick to pretty much the same daily schedule and once or twice weekly

      > errand days but i schedule them tuesday and thursday (and wednesday if its a

      > rough week), and we try to do most appts and errands in the am right after

      > meds kick in, afternoons tend to be crazy from 4-5 until 7-9 (dinner and

      > bedtime and baths) that is when meds are wearing off. also keeping the

      > child on meds during breaks and weekends is vital, otherwise their whole

      > body chemistry gets thrown out of whack, and the day they go back to a full

      > dose they will be more “zombie-like” and when changing meds ask the doc to

      > titrate the dose up in minimal increments that way you get maximum effect

      > with minimum meds and minimum side effects. it means more visits but it is

      > better that a child in that state been seen regularly anyway. make sure

      > also they give you a worksheet for you and any teachers and caregivers to

      > fill out to rate how the meds are working and take lots of notes. with my

      > son there is a huge difference when he is on the right amount of meds you

      > would never guess there was a problem, but if he is off meds its a whole new

      > story — just ask anyone who has had to see me shop at publix at 5pm with my

      > son as opposed to early in the day LOL……….ok ask anyone within a mile

      > radius about the tantrums (too much noise, light, stimulation — sensory

      > overload).


      > hth


      > erica

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