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      I'm a bit confused. I admit it's been several years since I have really done any reading on the subject. But are you saying that adhd is a form of autism?

      adhd and fibromyalgia both run in my family. autism doesn't as far as I know.

      I seen something on Discovery Health several years ago, and if I understand it correctly, all savant's are Autistic.

      On Mon, Mar 17, 2008 at 9:21 PM, Erica Hager <> wrote:

      “adhd, autism , aspergers and add are all on the autism spectrum. think of them all being on a number line with add being on the positive (or least bad) end and autism being on the negative end.”

      wow i think i understand what you are trying to get across but as a parent of a child with autism that was very poorly and insensitively phrased! to imply that a child with autism is “worse” or “more negative” is inaccurate at very least. adhd, aspergers, autism are related disorders in that sometimes autism first presents as a hyper child in its symptoms, very much like a combination of adhd and anxiety, which was actually the first diagnosis my son received. there are children with adhd that act out much more then children with autism.

      autism isn't a negative thing, it often is a very positive thing, but our negative perceptions and negative stereotypes of people and children with autism is what is negative.

      the official classifications of autism (with various subsets) are as follows: please look through the links i sent and there is more detailed info there.

      Aspergers Syndrome (milder autistic symptoms, higher iq's often undiagnosed)
      pdd-nos pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified
      autism (low functioning (nonverbal no communicative — the stereotypical — this is often called profound autism and high functioning autism (child is verbal, normal-genius iq but has severe autistic symptoms, especially in times of high stress)

      unfortunately many people when they think of autism they think of the stereotypical low-functioning autistic or the more famous “rain man” played by dustin hoffman who was an autistic savant — he does a great job portraying some of the symptoms of an autistic child.

      also remember that classifications change as a child grows and learns to cope, and different doctors perspectives.

      but please lets refrain from labeling children or their disease positive or negative. there are alot of people in the autistic community that call the misunderstanding of autism by “normal” people “neuro-typical” meaning the typical stereotype of someone who doesn't “get” autism.

      in any event I hope i havent offended anyone but its a sensitivity thing, politically correct and all that.

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