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      see, my son had all those symptoms (the rages, throwing stuff, banging his head on the ground) and is adhd inattentive and impulsive. it has been my experience that the rages get better when their communication skills get better. i worked for years with my son one how to communicate his frustration (gave him the words to use, reminded him the tantrums were inappropriate behavior).

      it takes a long time, but finally does work.
      we cannot diagnose any child over the net. please see a dr and a psychologist and get a professional diagnosis. med are not a bad thing, but unless their disorder is dangerous, they generally do not like to medicate until they get to school-age. and if you can do it, have your child on stimulants and give only for school. some kids disability is so great, they need meds all the time – with them, a combo of non-stimulants and stimulants work best. also, a warning, if your child is bipolar, adhd meds may make it worse – so if you have a wrong diagnosis, the issues will become worse.

      and the most important thing to remember, the meds are not a magic pill, they need to be complimented with behavior modification.

      1-2-3 Magic is a great book to use with younger kids and love an logic with older kids (tweens & teens)..( Google the Love & Logic.

      adhd, autism , aspergers and add are all on the autism spectrum. think of them all being on a number line with add being on the positive (or least bad) end and autism being on the negative end.

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      autism and autistic spectrum disorders such as aspergers are often misdiagnosed as a combination of other things — and the adhd and bipolar, tantrums, lack of sleep and so on are often symptoms of autism — i would get her into a neurologist and pyschiatrist ASAP

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