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      On 3/15/08, Erica Hager <> wrote:

      > autism and autistic spectrum disorders such as aspergers are often

      > misdiagnosed as a combination of other things — and the adhd and bipolar,

      > tantrums, lack of sleep and so on are often symptoms of autism — i would

      > get her into a neurologist and pyschiatrist asap — the sooner a proper

      > diagnosis is determined the sooner you can get help for her, preschool age

      > is often where autism is caught and its not a life sentence — yes their

      > lives are different but autistic kids often have an above average iq but its

      > hard to test them because there are often communication or speech issues


      this is true as i think my oldest has a much higher iq that what he

      tested at. his brother’s is 140 and there have been times when listing

      to them talk I could tell that he was able to follow what his younger

      brother was saying. It was computer stuff that I think would of gone

      over his head if his IQ wasn’t above avg. too.

      though not always — so many different words and diagnoses were thrown

      > around when johnny was 1.5 to 3 yrs old — oh it sounds like this or that

      > people would say or my grandson or child has this or that and he behaved the

      > same way — all kinds of off the wall advice was given — point i am making

      > is a reg pediatrician isnt qualified to make a diagnosis ask for a referall

      > for an

      > autism screening with a pediatric neurologist they will give you alot of

      > forms and questionaires to fill out and answer (dont know if they are online

      > anywhere but prob are) and that will help them make a determination. they

      > should also do an MRI and chromosonal bloodwork to rule out other disorders.

      > htht







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