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      Sorry but I have to ring in on this one. I do understand the

      need to talk about family issues and I also understand that

      children with ADHD or similar items are hard on the family both

      physcially and finacially but maybe those of you interested in

      discussing it further could do it via emailing each other or

      form a chat group. No offense to anyone but in other groups that

      I am in they don’t change the subject line so I have learned to

      not delete so I don’t miss anything that I would want to read.

      While I do have lot of sympathy for anyone who has a family

      medical issue I am not sure this is the way to talk about it.



      — Karen Pierce <> wrote:

      > My experience in the last week or so has been that at least 60

      > to70% of the messages have been regarding adhd, etc. my

      > thought was that there are yahoo groups that devote themselves

      > to this disorder and the discussion would better serve itself

      > in one of those groups than a group devoted to budgeting.


      > kp…who has been hitting the delete button more than reading.



      be a better friend, newshound, and

      know-it-all with yahoo! mobile. try it now.


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