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      I stash some address labels in my purse and when I want to sign up for a store’s mailing list, I just stick on a label. If you don’t like to lick envelopes, just seal it with a self-adhesive address label(I hate to lick envelopes). I loan out books to my friends to read, I stick an address label inside the front cover as it is the perfect place to remind forgetful friends who to return the book to when they are done 😉

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      I use the small address labels to identify coupon pockets in my binder, also use them for file folder tabs (the insertable ones). I can reuse them by covering the old labeling with a small label and put back in the plastic insert.

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      Yes!!! Those are great ideas!!! Thanks for the help !!!!

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      I write over them with a scripto marker and use them to idenify contents of items I put in my freezer(usually in plastic tubs I’ve saved from margerines, sour cream, etc.)

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      Never thought of that Niddi,,,,thanks!!

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      awsome ideas!!! I have to put some in my perse now

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      Love the avatar redring!!!

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      Lynn, Thanks so much for your post about address lables. Without much snail mail leaving my house–these are “Great Ideas Everyone”. Within the last month I’ve been getting more of these.

      And I have more then enough.:dance:

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      I have so many address labels, I needed to figure out other ideas so they wouldnt go to waste!! Thanks

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      I place them in my children’s home books so that they don’t get mixed up at school. And since my youngest shares his name with his father, it makes it even more fun for him. Great idea about the store mailing lists!!!!

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      Excellent idea Bamo!!!! Thanks for giving me another idea!!

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      thanks Faxonfive! I cant remember the artist’s name 🙁 she dose really cute work though. Any more label ideas?

      I love these. I love to make my own labels at home. When we got our loan for our furnace the bank sent us address labels with there information on them.

      Last week when I was making out the checks I realised how easy it was to put my label and there’s on the envie. ( I know lazy! lol) so i thought about what bills are sent out each month instead of online through my bank.

      i set to work and made lables for each. i already keep each bill in a file folder all its own. i learned to keep bills for a year.

      somthing always comes up if i dont and its easy to look back if somthing dosent seem right. so i have slipped my lables in the corasponding folders. i think this will make things easyer.

      oh! i just thought. these are bills i dont get monthly statements on so i dont recive pre-addressed envelopes.

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      I was just organizing my stuff last night and thinking about what I could do with all my address labels. I’ve been trying to use them like crazy since I moved and they have my old address – i still send them to family and bills who know/don’t know I’ve moved… but the other ideas are great.

      I think I might start using them for leftovers, I like that idea. And you can just write over it with a sharpie so you have the date on it! 🙂

      And the same with books!! I like those ideas, thanks!

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      Night ideas Becca and Rdring!!

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      Awsome ideas. I have several lables also that I won’t be using in mailing. Marking them on left overrs is a great idea.Thks.

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      I love the idea of using them for books. I have also put them on the bottom of tupperware containers when taking a dish to a pot luck.

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      using them for potlucks huh? never thought of that…great idea!!

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