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      That would be good – if the fee was stated out front. But, somehow, can you get people to post only the ‘TNT’ WAH sites? Any that aren’t TNT by that person may be scams. They could get a site from someone, who might say it is TNT and it really isn’t. It is from a scammer trying to get $$$ from poor souls.

      Selling their wares here… oh.. that is a totally different animal, to me. But that would be good, too. As long as it was just one day and didn’t spill over into other days.

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      Don’t most companies charge a small fee? For example, I think in Tupperware you have topurchase asmall kit to get started? Perhaps theycould include a line if there is a fee, a simple**fee to get Startedor ** $ X amt to start

      I initially was thinking less about promoting work at home job opportunities than I was for people to have a chance to “sell their wares”. If you know Aunt Bess likes Rio Perfume from Avon and you see chattybudget101 member sally sells avon, you could go to her site and get the perfume.

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