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      >>Just 1 day would be OK. But if the poster is not moderated, change to moderate if they post past that day. I wouldn’t like the site to become a spam site for the work at home ads.<<

      Ithink most members are mindful of their posting and we could try it without moderation (at least 1x). I was thinking that it could be for our more active members, those that have 20 or moreposts here in the discussion list.

      >>Also, have a caveat that the sites cannot cost anything to sign up to do them. The ones that cost would be counter-productive for many people.<<

      Don’t most companies charge a small fee? For example, I think in Tupperware you have topurchase asmall kit to get started? Perhaps theycould include a line if there is a fee, a simple**fee to get Startedor ** $ X amt to start

      I initially was thinking less about promoting work at home job opportunities than I was for people to have a chance to “sell their wares”. If you know Aunt Bess likes Rio Perfume from Avon and you see chattybudget101 member sally sells avon, you could go to her site and get the perfume.

      It would definetly be on 1 designated day only and with a designated subject line- so if people didn’t like the subject at all, they could easily block it or delete it.

      Just a thought, many of you share your sites in our files, but I thought it would be nice to give members a chance to promote their own products/wah stuff/ etc.


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