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      They just raised the “service fee” by $30 and will be raising it another $30 in the fall to cover “expenses”!!! We are a family of 5 and I homeschool. I replaced all the light bulbs and installed 2 solar tubes with our tax returns so we use sunlight whenever we can.

      I have a new dishwasher (energy star rated) however the stove is probably the original to the house. I also have a he laundry set so that helps out a lot. i unplug everything but the dvr’s and put my computer on standby.

      i do have those round things (turbans i think they are called) on theroof and there is over 4 feet of blown insulation in the attic so our house is pretty well insulated.The first thing we did was replace the windows when we moved in. The installer said we had the thinnest windows he had ever seen. We had double pane insulated windows installed.

      I think the energy suckers are our old refrigerator but it still works great and I don’t have the $$ to replace it, our deep freeze located in the garage where our dryer vents and makes it hotter than you know where (re-running it outside is on our to do list, we have to crack the garage sowe don’t risk getting CM poising), and we have floor vents thatleak. You can actually see the ground if you look down into the vent and the tile is either hot or coldin certain areas depending if we have the heater or ac running. Our three girls where in three seperate rooms and they all have to have a fan running at night so we had a total of 4 fans and 4 ceiling fans running every night.

      Now they are all in one room so we are down to 2 of each. This is our usage and cost:

      annual usage comparison –



      Jan (12/9/2006 1/10/2007)321231$91.05Jan (12/11/2007 1/10/2008)301636$110.09

      Feb (1/11/2007 2/8/2007)28794$68.71Feb (1/11/2008 2/8/2008)28682$63.91

      Mar (2/9/2007 3/9/2007)28707$64.44Mar (2/9/2008 3/10/2008)30822$70.77

      Apr (3/10/2007 4/9/2007)30864$71.77Apr (3/11/2008 4/8/2008)28816$70.52

      May (4/10/2007 5/8/2007)28785$70.72May (4/9/2008 5/7/2008)28790$72.01

      Jun (5/9/2007 6/7/2007)291054$96.90Jun (5/8/2008 6/6/2008)291365$128.10

      Jul (6/8/2007 7/10/2007)321493$134.68Jul (6/7/2008 7/8/2008)311759$182.70

      Aug (7/11/2007 8/8/2007)281729$155.15Aug ( )00$0.00

      Sep (8/9/2007 9/10/2007)321954$174.55Sep ( )00$0.00

      Oct (9/11/2007 10/9/2007)281432$107.40Oct ( )00$0.00

      Nov (10/10/2007 11/7/2007)28139$18.94Nov ( )00$0.00

      Dec (11/8/2007 12/10/2007)32750$64.83Dec ( )00$0.00

      Total: 35512932$1,119.14Total:2047870$698.10

      WoW! I’d love to know what you are paying per KWH! We keep our A/C at 80 downstairs and 82 upstairs.

      Our A/c is brand new and all our bulbs and appliances are very high efficiency. Our bill was $202. we are currently paying 11c per KWH but that will increase soon as our contract for a locked in rate will expire in August. New Rates are ranging between 14c and upwards of 23c!

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