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      Try Baby Ambesol, you have to buy it at the store. Worked for us.

      Any dentist I’ve ever known will give a payment plan; even just a few

      dollars a week. Don’t be afraid to ask.

      Are you near Chester, pa? there’s saltz dentistry-they’re great & much less

      than other dentists.

      we drive over an hour to go there; and we have insurance & still can’t beat

      their prices.

      ~ rcm in de

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      Subject: : absessed tooth

      i have a absessed tooth and the pain is getting unbareable to the point

      that i can’t sleep good at night,i have tried origel and toothaid and

      although it numbs it for a few minutes,as soon as it wears off the pain

      comes two-fold! i can’t afford to go to the dentist and i don’t know

      what else to do,has anyone have any home remides that might work??



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