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      You need to see a dentist. If you are in that much pain, you are way

      beyond what a home remedy can do. Do you live near a major city? A

      lot of major cities have dental schools that have clinics that are

      EXTREMELY cheap. I live in San Francisco and they have a great student

      clinic and the last time I went they charged me $30. They will even

      bill you if you don’t have money. Even if you have to drive a couple

      of hours, it would be worth it. It really sucks being in pain. Good



      — In, “maria” wrote:


      > I have a absessed tooth and the pain is getting unbareable to the


      > that I can’t sleep good at night,I have tried Origel and Toothaid and

      > although it numbs it for a few minutes,as soon as it wears off the


      > comes two-fold! I can’t afford to go to the dentist and I don’t know

      > what else to do,Has anyone have any home remides that might work??

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