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      Unfortunately there are so many broad spectrum antibiotics that when taking the wrong one, it’s just as bad and can lead to bug resistant problems. Using antibiotics means finishing the entire course of the treatment and hitting the infection at the same time each day to kill it. When people don’t known what they are doing when they take antibiotics without prescription and without the knowledge of how to take it, they end up messing themselves more than if they had not done anything at all. I am not trying to be mean to anyone who responded to this poor woman but there is a reason why I kept pushing for her to seek medical attention instead of trying to self treat.

      No one knows if this woman has heart disease, diabetes, weakened immune system , her age or what her medical issues are and that is why she should
      not try to self treat
      . She’s the one who will have to live with the decisions she makes, or she may not live at all if she decides to play around with internet advice. Words from those who have been there…

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      Please, no one get me wrong I agree completely she does need help — but i also agree that doing nothing while seeking help is just as bad — get antibiotics — get help with the pain — all while seeking professional help
      with that i will stop discussing it too
      good luck
      god be with ya

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      i am still paying off $3000(thank God for insurance)from a three night stay in icu because of an absessed tooth. after two weeks of agonizing pain, being high from pain killers and three misdiagosis, i woke up one moring unable to open my mouth and a huge bump from my cheek to my neck.

      it took four antibiotics, diludid, morphine,intubation, two cts and a surgery to relese the absess. after i got out of the hospital, i had three teeth removed. ended up getting c.

      difficile, which is a dangerours bacterial infection of the colon from all the antibiotics. three weeks of abdomonal pain and another trip to the hospital to resolve that issue. all from an absessed tooth.

      go now.


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