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      I know about ten years ago I went to the local dentist with a

      toothache. He pulled a tooth, I was still in pain right after he had

      pulled the tooth, his reply was it would feel better later, he got

      the right tooth. I spent time in our community hospital getting x-

      rays and pain killers. The doctors said it wasn’t in my neck or

      head, that it must be in my teeth. I explained I just went to the

      dentist a couple of weeks ago and he said everything was fine. The

      ER doctors recommended a Chiropractor, which I went to for over 6

      months, until I ended up in bed for an entire weekend with vertigo,

      until I could get back into the doctor. Then I finally went to a

      dentist in another town, by this time I couldn’t tell where the pain

      was coming from. It was the entire head, neck and moving into the

      shoulders. I was totally unable to function on a daily basis. This

      dentist took x-rays and said, Oh my, no wonder you can’t tell where

      the pain if coming from, you have 6 absessed teeth in your mouth. He

      pulled 2 that day started me on 2 different antibodies and pain

      killers, I revisited him 2 weeks later. All this because of one bad

      dentist. At that time, I wanted all my teeth pulled, however didn’t

      do that. One of my absessed teeth was a tooth that a dentist had ill


      Please take care to get Good medical attention. Pay what you have

      to, to take care of yourself. You will suffer more in the long run

      if you don’t. These infections play havic with your life and health.

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