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      Please don’t expect much in the way of results when taking “animal” antibiotics….an abscessed tooth is usually a very deep tissue infection and will require a much stronger antibiotic than you can purchase over the counter to get the job done. By medicating with a “low end” antibiotic, all you are doing is causing the bacteria to become resistant and much stronger/harder to get cleared up.

      My father (God love him…he should know better than this w/a PhD in microbiology himself) treated himself w/antibiotics he had lying around for an abscessed tooth two months ago….they have just now been able to do the root canalrequired due to a prolonged, very resistant infection. They had to open the gum tissues and scrape (I know, it grosses me out too) the infection out and then use three different antibiotics (increasing in strength each time) to finally clear the infection so that the dental work could be done.

      I personally believe the saying that “A Dr that treats himself has a fool as a patient”…


      Lisa G.

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