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      Do you have a dental school nearbye? My husband and someone else I knew both almost died from absessed teeth. You really should do what you can to be seen.

      That aside, I had a bad infection off and on for 2 years in my gums. I used a water pik and filled it 1/2 with warm water and 1/2 with the orange flavored Listerine. I washed out my mouth and the infected area twice daily and sometimes even more. It kept it from getting worse and at times it wasn’t bad at all.

      I also suggest very large doses of vitamin c. The body needs more vitamin c when there is infection. In fact, someone with infection can tolerate up to 20,000 miligrams and higher per day.

      It does not store in your liver at all. I have read studies about people finding what is there tolerance. When I had bad bladder infections my tolerance was around 24,000 miligrams and it would knock out those infections when antibiotics would not touch it.

      I have also heard of people putting tea tree oil right on the infected tooth. It probably would taste pretty bad. But that stuff is a miricle worker when it comes to any sort of infection.

      There are other natural antibiodics like golden seal and garlic. Just know that if the infection gets into your bloodstream you could be seriously ill. The one woman I know that almost died ended up with it shutting off her airway and she had to have a tracheotomy.

      My husband swelled up like the elephant man on one side of his face and they had to scrape the infection out of the inside of his mouth and the doctor said he was very fortunate to just escape it getting into his bloodstream. He was very ill.


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      Subject: : absessed tooth

      i have a absessed tooth and the pain is getting unbareable to the point
      that i can’t sleep good at night,i have tried origel and toothaid and
      although it numbs it for a few minutes,as soon as it wears off the pain
      comes two-fold! i can’t afford to go to the dentist and i don’t know
      what else to do,has anyone have any home remides that might work??

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