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    :Moneystack: Welcome to the official “Paying for College” Forum! The place to discuss how and where to find legitimate scholarships.

    This forum offers several Prefixes to choose from while posting (or searching!) two cents

    1. Chatter– The prefix to choose when you want to talk/discuss anything in this forum- loans, scholarships, payment plans, etc
    2. Employer Affiliation– these would be scholarships offered by employers, such as McDonald’s, Sonics, Burger King, Google, etc
    3. Fellowship– a monetary award based on a specific field- like a teaching fellows
    4. Female Only– scholarships only available to women/girls
    5. Financial Need Based– scholarships based on financial need rather than merit
    6. Grants– a monetary award from an organization that does not need to get paid back
    7. Internship– scholarships that require completion of an internship
    8. Loan- money that you can get, but must be paid back
    9. Males Only– scholarships that are available only to boys/men
    10. Minority- scholarships/grants available only to minority groups
    11. Race- Scholarships that are based upon race and only available by race, such as African American Only, Asian American Only, Native American Only
    12. Recognition- scholarships awarded by recognitions, such as Beta Club, National Honors Society, Boys & Girls Club, etc
    13. Religious Affiliation– self explanatory- scholarships that are awarded based on religion
    14. Other: For scholarships that fail to meet a category listed above
    15. Weird-Bizarre- Weird or odd scholarships based on bizarre criteria- such as left-handed only, brown eyed only, Speak Kling-on (Yes- that’s a real scholarship!)

    As with all of our forums, the prefixes are clickable, which means when you are in the forum you can click on any of the prefixes to sort that category only. For example, if you want to see all Recognition based scholarships you would click on the word “Recognition” in the subject line.

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    Here is a Copy & Paste Form for Submitting Scholarships (if you’d like to use it)

    Scholarship Name

    Who’s Offering it:

    Deadline for Application:

    Scholarship Amount:

    Basic Requirements to Apply:

    URL to Scholarship Website:

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Holidays & Special Occasions Graduation Paying for College About this Forum & How to Use It!