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      I have a Toastmaster Breadmachine. The pan does not appear to have any type of coating. My bread has never even oncestuck to the pan. I’ve made many types of bread in it over the last 11 years.
      Toastmaster recommends that you let the pan cool about 5 minutes then turn it upside down and give a good shake. The bread slides right out .


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      I’ve tried spraying with cooking spray, but because it mixes in the
      machine, it mixes right in and still sticks–the best we can figure
      out is to use the bread machine to mix and rise and then take out and
      put in bread pans for final rising and bake in oven–but kind of
      defeats the purpose of a bread machine. Still, it would take less
      time than making bread without the machine.

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      > Hmmm…that can be aggravating…I always spray mine with a cooking
      > and even the banana bread slides right out.
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      > We’ve had trouble with bread sticking in bread machines, and
      > when you try to take it out. Does anyone have a remedy for this?
      > happened with every bread machine we’ve had (probably four of them–
      > different models. Finally I gave up using them, but my daughter
      > to try again.
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      > >
      > > I am thinking about purchasing a bread machine. But my question
      > can
      > > you make up batter for banana bread, applesauce bread, ect and
      put it
      > > into the machine to bake? I am hoping that baking this way will
      > > heat up the kitchen thus saving money on air conditioning! Thanks!
      > >

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